Saturday, September 8, 2012


While it is well known that the Easton family is the namesake of the Easton Addition neighborhood in Burlingame, CA, the October 8th 2007 issue of the San Mateo Daily Journal reported fascinating facts preceding the Easton family settling on the land that is now North of Burlingame. The story is a part of the “Rediscovering the Peninsula”  column that appears in the Monday edition of the Daily Journal. Click on the link above to read how a newlywed young couple – Ansel and Adeline Easton - were miraculously saved from the SS Central America ship that sank 200 miles of the coast of Carolinas in 1857.

Even more fascinating is a story how Tommy Thompson, an eccentric engineer, led exploration that discovered the shipwreck of SS Central America.  So click here to read this fascinating story.

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