Friday, June 20, 2014

Hoover school construction upheaval - the ruling will not be appealed

In my previous post Burlingame’s Hoover Elementary Upheaval I reported how less than diligent effort on the part of the Burlingame Elementary school district ended up in the judge Marie Weiner's ruling to halt the Hoover school construction. She ordered a fully fledged environmental impact review at the previous hearing. The school district decided not to appeal it, but ask for permission to secure the size before the environmental impact report is conducted. The judge Weiner made no ruling, but is planning to visit the school to see herself what has to be done. She might appoint an independent consultant to see what is necessary to ensure that the buildings are safe. With the full Environmental Review ahead the school would likely open in 2018 at the earliest. You can more about it in the Daily Journal article.

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